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Extended Guaranty

Supervision on the Maintenance




RAAD ENGINEERING GROUP, not only looks into providing your power generation systems in different range as an OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer), but also aims to provide you with high quality services and obtain the best performance from your gensets and reliable electricity to your load system.


Regardless of brand of diesel and engine or the site condition, you can count on our technical and engineering consultant team and feel yourself one of our family members, since we are a family group.



RAAD guaranties all its products from 40 to 2000 kva for 12 months or 800 hours. This guaranty includes repair or replacement of the part, part of the set or the whole set during the mentioned time. Our guaranty includes two cards, each for an interval of 6 moth or 400 hours.

In addition to our regular guaranty terms, we have service plans regardless of the supplier of the genset or the site of the installation, details of which is described in the Guaranty Book.


Extended Guaranty:

This facility empower the owner of the genset to peace his mind for the extended time after expiry of the guarranty, detailes of which is described in the Guarranty Book.


Supervision on the Maintenance:

The way the user threats th genset, performing the regular necessary services each genset requires and looking into the load taken from the genset have great deal in the length of the best performance of the genset.

In this service, Our group of engineers and technicians stay beside you to help you in the maintenance of the genset. In this regards, our technicians come and visit your set several times in a month and perform the repair, replacement of the consumable parts and filters,… free of charge. Customers gaining from this service will have special discount on the replaced parts.

About Us | Products | Services | Projects | contact us